6G Dimitri Pro Xtend Bar

$ 529.00
Product Description


The DIMITRI PRO Bar is designed for the aggressive rider who loves to be intense with bar input for maximum reward. Six years ago, Epic was the first to introduce the variable width bar which doesn’t use movable parts, greatly reducing the risk of breakage due to stress. While based on the same principle, the 6G improvements in variable bar width adjustment have been mind blowing.

The bar measures 42 - 52cm and has a 20-meter line set plus 2-meter extensions giving you more versatility. Longer lines will reduce kite turning speed making it ideal for airstyle type tricks. Those interested in pushing the limits with megaloops will remove the 2m extensions to shorten the lines which gives a much faster turning response and the feeling of seeing the kite bellow you while doing your “megaloops".  The bar is coated with a stronger EVA material and has a smaller diameter for improved grip and feeling. We’ve used contoured finger bumps to give it a more comfortable and familiar sensation while the ‘Wrong way’ markings can be seen at a glance in the event that things get confusing during spins or handle passes. 

The new, above bar clam cleat depower system allows for incremental adjustments and precise tuning. The easy to grab handle is within reach given that we’ve reduced the bar throw by 10cm for slightly more bar feedback. Advanced riders will appreciate the stopper ball for easier boosting and recovery when the lines go slack, but riders should take caution in extreme conditions as it limits depower ability. The reduced width and feel of this bar make it ideal for unhooked riding, but is also attractive to new riders as it limits steering leverage. 

If you’re looking to advance your riding with unhooked moves, big Kiteloops and aggressive bar input, the new DIMITRI PRO 6G bar is certainly the control solution for you!  But be aware this bar was designed for more advance riders.

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