$ 58.95
Product Description

Pumping a high performance inflatable kite is a necessary evil. No one loves it, and we all try to speed through the process. We now have a solution to make life much easier and will get you on the water faster without breaking a sweat.

The new EPIC TITAN pump is a high capacity single/double action pump designed to make the dreaded process of pumping your kite a little less painful. The tall pump body (63 cm) will also reduce lower back soreness which is something everyone can appreciate.

Those looking for a smooth, easy and stable pump will appreciate the additional features like the ergonomic handle and no fuss leash hook. We’ve also included space for personal details in the event that you leave your beloved pump at the beach. For those that want to achieve a specific psi, a shockproof gauge comes standard with the TITAN.

This new pump is so effortless that you can use one hand to pump your kite while the other hand holds your cell phone as you talk to your buddy about how epic the conditions are. Multi tasking has never been easier!

Our tester documented an impressive 28 second inflation time (to 10 psi) for a 12-meter kite, compared to 49 seconds using the smaller, standard pump. All this was done without breaking a sweat while using the TITAN. Please watch our product videos for further explanation and to see the time comparisons. Upgrade your pump today and make life easier.

Key features include:

  • Capacity 2.9 + 2.9L, mac. Pressure 13 psi
  • Seals and anti-sand filter for long a long life of the pump
  • Extra long body and high-airflow piston for and smooth and effortless inflation
  • Thick and comfortable grab handles for better grip and feel
  • Switch tab for double or single action
  • Shockproof gauge PSI measurement.
  • Very long and durable white inflation hose
  • Long leash that attaches to the kite attachment point
  • Comes with 2 valves: (Boston Valve / PVC valve).
  • The pump is 63cm tall compared to the 45cm standard

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