6G Infinity Xtend Bar

$ 499.00
Product Description


The INFINITY Bar has adjustable bar widths from 52 - 62cm meaning that the outside lines can be moved further or closer apart depending on your barinput and turning response preference. Epic was the first company to develop this adjustable system six years ago.  Just so you know,  this new mechanism system has no moving parts and can be adjusted in just a few seconds. This prevents the risk of wear on parts or breakage. While based on the same principle, the 6G improvements in variable bar width adjustment have been mind blowing.

The 24-meter line set is comprised of high quality materials for durability and strength. The upgraded depower system uses easy to grab handles that are coated in a flexible sheet to prevent tangles and flopping around when fully pulled. This upgrade is one safety feature that keeps the system clear and free. The handles are clearly color coded and marked ‘More+’ and ‘LESS-‘.  We’ve recognized that these depower straps can feel far away, so we’ve shortened the bar throw by 10cm making everything within an easy reach and still have significant space to depower the kite 90%. The RED STOPPER ball allows riders to set the bar throw to their preference while riding which is useful if you’re into doing a lot of tricks that require one handed steering. The quick release is simply the most efficient on the market and works even when introduced to sand. Once released, it can be reassembled within seconds on the water – even with one hand!

The bar itself has a smaller, super comfortable diameter handle with EVA and contoured finger bumps for that sweet, familiar feeling. A strong red highlight color is used for the left hand side of the handle for safety recall. To go one step further we continue to include the ‘WRONG WAY’ wording on the handle for new riders getting comfortable with their set up. If you see “wrong way”, simply flip the handle around to correct steering. 

The wider control bar perfectly compliments the light wind Infinity size and tuning for maximum performance and ease of use.

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