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By now you’ve probably seen or heard just how wonderful the EPIC TRANSPORTER GOLF Bag from Epic Kites is. We’ve had great success with the initial “Transporter golf bag”, that we decided to make an updated version (V2) and pack it with features. This travel bag is in high demand and with key rider feedback, the updated version has some key improvements.

If you think the V1 had a lot of space wait until you get your hands on the new Transporter Golf Bag. Keeping within airline size restrictions, we’ve maxed out on the length and width to give you as much storage space as possible, all while keeping the weight light and materials highly durable.

This light weight monster will carry even more of the kiteboarding equipment that you love and cleverly splits in two halves making segmenting your gear easier and hassle free. The primary half has wheels and weighs 13.1 lbs, while the 2nd portion only weighs 3.8 lbs. This light weight solution makes travelling to the beach a cinch by simply packing one bag in the car with absolutely all your equipment. Pack everything you own when departing on those mega trips, and then split the bag for the day trips once you know what the weather calls for.

The Transporter Golf bag V2 can handle approximately (10) kites, (2) twin tips, (1) 5’ 10” surf board, (3 to 4) bars and a few other essential items like your swim trunks, camera and pump. You can actually pack (14) kites if you vacuum compress them. But again you need to make sure you are following the airline weight restriction if you plan to take all this equipment in the plane.

Once at your destination, unclip the top half and use it as a gear bag for the short trips. This is the one travel bag that will do everything and handle the rigor of long hauling with ease. The Transporter Golf Bag V2 is made using top quality materials and workmanship. Not only is it large enough to hold all your gear – we’ve now added a 35cm extension on the 2nd bag so you can now pack a surf board for those ultimate wave destinations. Simply unzip the front side of the 2nd bag to take advantage of this additional space.

So what are you waiting for? Book that epic kite trip and be sure to check out Dimitri’s video for tips on how to pack your bags. (video link).


  • Primary bag with wheels: 13.1 lbs (5.85kg) / 150 cm L x 55 cm W x 25 cm H
  • Small bag: 3.8 lbs (1.72 kg) / 150 cm L x 55 cm W x 15 cm H x 35 cm extension
  • Surf board friendly up to 5’ 10”

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