Epic Stopper Ball

$ 12.95
Product Description

Having a STOPPER Ball on your bar is an essential tool for different reasons. But not a lot of Stopper Ball works the way they should.

The Epic Stopper Ball is an integral par of our control bar and provides optimum safety and control. When designing this component, we understand that it needs to operate as expected when both wet and dry given that these conditions have different friction points. The Stopper Ball is an ideal solution to manage; bar throw length, safety, amount of available depower and be easy to use and push through.

We’re not all built the same. Riders with shorter arms can utilize the stopper ball by moving it closer to the rider and set depower needs using the straps. This keeps the kite properly tuned while having control at your finger tips.

Advanced riders can move the stopper ball toward the bar to manage accidental kite depower when doing or learning advanced tricks. Even when boosting, it allows for easier one handed kite control.

An often overlooked use is self launching. With the chicken loop tethered to a solid object, the Epic Stopper Ball can be used to keep light tension on the back lines. This will prevent the kite from falling over if the wind has a slight drop. Once at the bar, move the stopper bar all the way back in the event of an emergency until you’re launched and safely on the water.

When riding, the stopper ball’s position can be modified either by using your hand to push it away, or by pushing the bar outward until the Stopper Ball is at it’s designed location.

The Epic Stopper Ball is installed on all of our control bars but can also be purchased independently and customize your personal bar.

Please see our video for further details.

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