6G Freeride Xtend Bar

$ 499.00
Product Description


Our FREERIDE Bar has adjustable bar widths of 48 - 58cm and uses 22-meter lines made from strong, high quality materials for longevity. This control bar is our most versatile control system for any riding terrain or style. Six years ago, we were the first to develop the variable width bar. This mechanism has no moving parts and can be adjusted in just a few seconds. This prevents the risk of wear on parts or breakage. While based on the same principle, the 6G improvements in variable bar width adjustment have been mind blowing. 

The bar is coated with a stronger EVA material and has a smaller diameter for improved grip and feeling. We’ve used contoured finger bumps to give it a more comfortable and familiar sensation. We continue to use the ‘Wrong way’ wording on the handle to avoid any confusion and make new riders more comfortable. The floats have been redesigned to reduce bulk and improve floatation. The Freeride depower system uses our proven strap system, but sees updates to the safety minded handles with the ‘More+’ and ‘Less-‘ indicators. This new handle design wraps the handles in plastic tubing which makes them slightly more rigid to prevent twisting or tangles when fully deployed. The red stopper bar is suggested for advanced riders who want to focus on tricks using one handed flying methods. This keeps a little more tension on the kite keeping it powered to your riding preference. The bar throw has been reduced by 10cm to keep things within reach, but still maintains 90% depower when sheeted all the way out. Our quick release is simply the most efficient on the market and works even when introduced to sand. Once released, it can be reassembled within seconds on the water – even with one hand!

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