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Product Description

There is no greater pleasure than being outdoors and doing something you love with the ones that love you. And by doing so, you want to keep your kids safe, and so do we. The new Junior Pro line was developed with fun and safety in mind. In the early stages of learning, you need a kite that is built to withstand the stress and keeps coming back for more. Reliable, fast relaunch and predictable characteristics reduce the frustration for young riders while the incredible depower will put your mind at ease. Simply let go of the Junior Pro Control Bar and the kite depowers, flutters to the water where it rests on a wingtip ready for more action - all within reach of a child's arm.

Building on the huge success of the Junior Pro 4, and addressing the demand for a larger kite, this year we decided to add the Junior Pro 8 meter to satisfy a wider spectrum of ages and abilities. The 8 meter is slightly more powerful and built for lighter winds. Don't fool yourself - the Junior Pro is a kite that riders can quickly develop on and progress their riding. It's capable of some good height and hang time when they are ready to pull the trigger. Adults can tap into the ease of use on either the Junior Pro 4 or 8 by swapping out the Junior Pro bar with the Xtend bar. Dimitri Maramenides has been seen pounding waves with the 4 meter while other kites were out on demo. Shhhh, don't tell Cameron!

What makes the Junior Pro 4 and 8 special for kids is the Junior Pro Control Bar (Kids Bar) which is the first of its kind. It features a reduced diameter handle and smaller chickenloop for young hands, a shorter throw, no stopper ball and break line 2 meters above the swivel for the ultimate is safety. Being safe has never been so much fun.

To round out the Junior Pro line, you can add the Kids Twin Tip and extra small harness for the ultimate package.

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