Tutor Kite 2.5M

$ 499.00
Product Description

The TUTOR is a revolutionary training kite designed to improve the training experience by giving new riders a tool that acts like a full size inflatable kite without the risk. For the first time, instructors can use the TUTOR in their lesson plans and get students familiar with rigging, sheeting and flight characteristics at an earlier stage, opposed to the traditional way of using two different kites. In most lessons, students start on a small foil kite learning flight basics, and then move to a larger full powered kite having to relearn kite dynamics, movement, timing and be introduced to sheeting and safety systems. With the TUTOR, you can bridge this learning gap and have students feel comfortable and safe on this 4 line training system. When they are ready to move to a full sized power kite, they will be familiar with kite set-up and flight control. In the water, the TUTOR can be used for body dragging, relaunch and self rescue components of the lesson plan.

Young riders getting into the sport will find the TUTOR a great kite to take their first water starts on, or cut trails in fresh powder. While the TUTOR comes with it’s own control bar, it is also compatible with the Junior Pro bar for enhanced performance. For the adventurous rider, the TUTOR can be used in very strong winds where a Junior Pro is a little too much. Dimitri has braved 35 knot winds with a surfboard to verify that the TUTOR is the perfect solution for those nukin' days. For larger riders and strong conditions, the EXTEND bar should be used for maximum versatility. One kite, three bar options! The TUTOR - an immensely versatile training and riding solution.

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