$ 749.00
Product Description

We've teamed with Outer Banks shaping legend Jesse Fernadez to bring you the REEF II 6' 0". With his 40 years of knowledge, we came up with a redesignof the Reef Surf boards. Our kitesurfboards are lightweight and built to handle the stresses of kiting. The Reef II 6'0" is a longer, gunnier ride and will have you slaying those monster waves in no time. The revised rocker allows for greater speed and response enabling rider confidence while really adding to the fun factor. We've also given you a swallowtail for additional hold on the corners, lively feel versatility for varied conditions. To top it off, we've given these unbelievable boards fresh new paint job that is sure to get attention.

The 6'0" REEF was designed for larger surf and/or stronger winds. Features include a traditional performance surf board outline with a thinner nose, pulled in squash nose and moderate rocker. Compared to the ATV, the longer rail line allows for a stronger hold when riding fast in bigger surf. Designed to be ridden off the back foot, above the fin cluster for drawn out bottom turns and big hacks off the top. Riders looking for powerful, down the line action will appreciate the rail hug and snappy response in the pocket especially because of its new "swallow" tail. With thinner pinched rails, pulled in tail and thruster set-up, the REEF holds tight during steep face riding or barrel hunting. Charge as hard as you want, this board will give you the confidence to tackle the big stuff. The REEF was designed to be ridden strapless, but larger or heavier riders can mount straps and benefit from the increased rail line and size of this board.
Great care and quality materials are used in the construction of Epic kite surf boards.
So if you liked the 5'11" REEF, we guaranty you that you are going to love the new V2 REEF 6'0".
The REEF 6'0" V2 comes complete with: 3 FINS / 2 STRAPS / 2 PADS / LEASH / BAG. All this for the price of $749.

Some key features include:

  • 16 lbs EPS
  • 1/8" PVC top and bottom
  • T-Stringer deck system
  • 4 oz. glass top and bottom
  • 7 cm UD tape for flex control
  • Finished with 0.8 mm wood venire on top of the PVC
  • Carbon patch for the insert area 


  • Nose - 11 1/2"
  • Center - 18 1/4"
  • Tail - 14 3/16"
  • Thickness -2 1/4"

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