Renegade 4G

$ 945.00
Product Description

The iconic Renegade powers it’s way into our line once again with this fourth generation release. Built to cross all boundaries with ease, this all-terrain phenom can take a licking in the waves, relax for an evening cruise, boost with the best of them or take wakestyle to new heights.

All-terrain functionality:

  • Grunty and efficient three-strut design
  • Unmatched stability
  • NEW – adjustable bridle attachment points.
  • Nearly auto relaunch
  • Intuitive flight characteristics
  • Set it and forget it reliability

Key features:
Our adjustable bridle attachment points allow you to move the bridle to the WAVE RIDE setting so the kite sits deeper and has better positional feedback while depowered. The FREE RIDE setting moves the kite closer to the edge of the window for killer wakestyle and boosting sessions.

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