Prototype of Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) 9'0" (BLUE) (USED)

$ 695.00
Product Description

Selling used 2 times / prototype inflatable SUP 9'0" board. This include (Board / bag / pump). The board is in great condition but it was one of our prototypes from a different factory. If interested please email us and ask for the (PROTOTYPE INFLATABLE SUP 9'0" BOARD). This board is a final sale (no refunds, no warranty).

More videos at Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Epic Kites 5G Kiteboarding website.

Stand Up Paddle boarding is quickly taking the world by storm, offering people of all abilities and interests the opportunity to maximize time on the water. We offer two, top of the line, high quality, inflatable paddleboards in 10’ (red) and 9’ (blue) sizes. These durable and fun boards are great for light wind kiting, riding waves, navigating rivers or simply cruising and enjoying the sights – all while getting your heart pumping! Each kit comes with a backpack for storage and travel, high efficiency pump, repair kite, leash and adjustable full carbon paddle that detaches into two pieces for easy stowing. We’ve made a conscious decision to work on an inflatable platform due to portability, ease of use and the fact that once properly inflated, it has the same performance benefits as a rigid board.


  • 9’0” long
  • 31” wide
  • 3.92” thick
  • weighs 19.7 lbs.
  • can hold up to 215 lbs.
  • air pressure: 12 – 18 PSI
  • has 3 attached fins. 2 side fins fix & 1 center one removable.
  • 182 volume

Our inflatable paddleboards use four layers of rail taping compared to most brands that only use one. This ensures that the rails won’t fail after repeated use. To take it one step further, the entire board is double layered for durability. Think of a board that has an outer skin to resist the elements. This double layering adds strength and rigidity for the abuse that progression requires. Our boards are so strong that you can drive a car over them or roll them in the waves and return for more action. The stitching of an inflatable board is the key to a long life. Drop stitching is the material that internally connects the board’s top and bottom. Working closely with our manufacturers, we spec a double stitch here for increased longevity and a quality the effects performance, but can’t be seen.

Our inflatable paddleboards utilize a three fin set up which offers the best mix of stability, strength and control. The large center fin, and two smaller side fins can be removed or replaced with a different size offering you the ability to tune your ride on the fly.

We also want to get you set up and on the water in the shortest time possible. The high efficiency pump boasts a wide diameter valve and can be adjusted to either double or single action pumping to easily and quickly get your board to the recommended 12-15 psi. For those addicted to wave riding, 18 psi is suggested.  

For a greater understanding of our amazing inflatable stand up paddleboards have in store for you, please review our line of videos.


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