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Product Description

While kiteboarding gear packs down well, it can still be bulky taking up precious trunk room or space in your baggage for long trips. The new Epic COMPRESSION BAG can tame the biggest of kites by way of the three compression straps. If you’re hauling multiple kites to the beach, or across the world, this can replace the larger and heavier kite bag while giving your kite the protection it deserves. When dealing with airlines, every inch and ounce count.

This lightweight Compression Bag is made with durable PVC coated polyester making it strong, durable and waterproof. Our Compression Bag comes in one size and can significantly reduce the size of your kite making travelling to your local spot or new destination a cinch. We’ve selected a modern bright orange color so that you’ll never lose sight of it. When not in use, the Compression Bag packs down to an incredibly small size for easy storage. Carrying your compressed kite is easy with the comfortable padded shoulder strap.

Why you need this:
  • Great option to replace bulky kite bags
  • Conserve space in your trunk or travel bags 
  • 3 straps for even and optimum compression
  • Lightweight, strong, waterproof material for protecting your kite
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Able to compress large kites to incredibly small sizes
  • Bright orange for visibility
  • Packs down for easy storage when not in use

Order your today and make travel easier!

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