4G Xtend Junior Pro Bar

$ 449.00
Product Description

If you've got a youngster keen on kiting, then why not have equipment that exceeds their needs? Our new 4G KIDS BAR is built with shorter arms and small hands in mind, while retaining a keen focus on safety. Built to handle the demands of the sport, the 4G KIDS BAR features 15-meter lines, reduced diameter bar, kids stopper, 35 to 45 cm bar set up, and longer depower/power straps.

This control system includes a much shorter throw so that everything is within an easy reach. Taking advantage of the EPIC 4G Chicken Loop and quick release make it one of the easiest and efficient systems available today. The 4G KIDS BAR is compatible with all EPIC kites so that a variety of models and sizes can be used as these new riders progress.

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